The Third Angel’s Message (1893) by A. T. Jones

Of these sermons, Ellen White wrote:

“I have been instructed to use those discourses of yours printed in the General Conference Bulletins of 1893 and 1897, which contain strong arguments regarding the validity of the Testimonies, and which substantiate the gift of prophecy among us. I was shown that many would be helped by these articles, and especially those newly come to the faith who have not been made acquainted with our history as a people. It will be a blessing to you to read again these arguments, which were of the Holy Spirit’s framing.”

Manuscript Releases, Vol. 9, p. 278.

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03 - Sermon 0346:18 Download
04 - Sermon 0449:21 Download
05 - Sermon 0554:20 Download
06 - Sermon 0656:33 Download
07 - Sermon 0744:08 Download
08 - Sermon 0843:37 Download
09 - Sermon 091:02:52 Download
10 - Sermon 1057:48 Download
11 - Sermon 1130:05 Download
12 - Sermon 121:09:58 Download
13 - Sermon 1349:59 Download
14 - Sermon 1436:46 Download
15 - Sermon 1540:33 Download
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17 - Sermon 1748:41 Download
18 - Sermon 1852:19 Download
19 - Sermon 1932:55 Download
20 - Sermon 2044:33 Download
21 - Sermon 211:01:40 Download
22 - Sermon 2245:39 Download
23 - Sermon 231:01:13 Download
24 - Sermon 2453:14 Download


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3 Responses to “The Third Angel’s Message (1893)”

  1. Rod Cassidy says:

    Thank you so much Advent Audio, for making this available for your listening audience. It has been a blessing indeed.

  2. MURENZI NGANGO Wilson says:

    I am MURENZI NGANGO Wilson, from Rwanda, a small country in central Africa, Great Lakes Region, which suffered genocide within fifteen last years. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your desire to share with the entire world the Third Angel’s Message, a Message that gives hope and assurance of Salvation and Eternal life to sinners who respond to it by Faith.

    I saw that you meet regularly for sharing this wonderful food for the soul from Heaven.
    My uttermost desire is: Is it possible for you to hold your meeting in Rwanda in the near future, maybe one or two years to come?

    May Our Lord bless you.

  3. I am thrilled to the very core of my soul that I just found these sermons on the net. Thank you so, so very much for your time and contribution for these sermons. I am studing everyday when I am not working. No more TV for me. God help us all.