The Consecrated Way by A. T. Jones

A close look at the process of justification and sanctification. A look at a much higher experience than we have accustomed ourselves to.

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00 - Introduction12:11 Download
01 - Christ High Priest6:28 Download
02 - Christ as God7:35 Download
03 - Christ as man7:20 Download
04 - He Took Part of the Same12:20 Download
05 - Made Under the Law9:21 Download
06 - Made of a Woman15:00 Download
07 - The Law of Heredity9:32 Download
08 - In All Things Like13:15 Download
09 - Further Qualifications of our High Priest9:53 Download
10 - The Sum9:00 Download
11 - That I May Dwell Among Them23:54 Download
12 - Perfection18:51 Download
13 - The Transgression and the Abomination of Desolation29:38 Download
14 - The Time of Finishing the Mystery of God16:06 Download
15 - The Cleasing of the Sanctuary13:22 Download
16 - The Times of Refreshing10:42 Download
17 - Conclusion7:06 Download


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One Response to “The Consecrated Way”

  1. Peter Alfred says:

    Thank God for the consecrated way. Christ is our rightrousness all the way. May the Lord continue to bless the work of the study committee.