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Early Advent Hymns by Millerite Hymns

Hymns from the Millerites. The PDF is the digital version of the 1843 “Millennial Harp”, printed by Joshua Himes – Miller’s right-hand man. Enjoy this precious piece of history that God has kept alive for us.

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Angels Hovering Round0:56 Download
Here is no Rest1:46 Download
I'm a Pligrim1:59 Download
I Long to Be There1:54 Download
Jerusalem3:28 Download
Lo, What a Glorious Sight Appears2:44 Download


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4 Responses to “Early Advent Hymns”

  1. Joshua Dally says:

    Thanks so much for putting the effort in to this project that revives the soul!! God Bless!!

  2. i thank you guys for your reviving, revitilising information that you have shared with all of us who are still calling Jesus as the Lord of Creation.

    May the good Lord Jesus Christ Bless all of you for doing the awesome job.

    lastly, the hymnnals are realy blessing me, if you have the others please share with me as i’m sharing with others.

    Happy Sabbath and enjoy the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty.

    thank you so much.
    Maranatha saits

    From thembelani

  3. Thank you for taken me back to my childhhod days, when these songs meant a great deal to me as a youngster in my home town. These advent songs touched the core fo my spirtural foundation. I enjoyed singing these songs. I will share this website with others.
    My God continue to bless this ministry.
    wish they were sang more often in our churches today.

  4. Patti Williams says:

    Thank you so much for these early Advent hymns. Those of us who have been SDA a while remember and cherish them. They are songs with meaning, expressing the hope of the three angels’ messages. God bless you for adding them.