Christ and His Righteousness by E. J. Waggoner

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00 - Introduction8:13 Download
01 - How Shall We Consider Christ2:47 Download
02 - Is Christ God13:00 Download
03 - Christ as Creator6:43 Download
04 - Is Christ a Created Being9:36 Download
05 - God Manifest in the Flesh12:57 Download
06 - Important Practical Lessons14:17 Download
07 - Christ the Lawgiver13:08 Download
08 - The Righteousness of God20:09 Download
09 - The Lord Our Righteousness24:16 Download
10 - Acceptance With God16:00 Download
11 - The Victory of Faith12:54 Download
12 - Bond Servants and Freemen7:02 Download
13 - Practical Illustrations of Deliverance From Bondage19:13 Download


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3 Responses to “Christ and His Righteousness”

  1. Ace Hedger says:

    Thank you. Can you do Lessons on Faith, too?

  2. Phyllis says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful work. I am truley enjoying these recordings. Powerful, powerful messages that take away self and lifts up the crucified Savior. God will bless you. Maranatha

  3. victor maresa says:

    thank you brethren for this wonderful and precious messages. i’ve been a christian for almost 27 years but never ever in my life i heard the truth like this, even in my church(Seventh day Adventist). God had led me to know this truth through his people who always keep preaching this truth.May God Bless You All.