Studies in Christian Education by E. A. Sutherland

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00 - Foreword4:13 Download
01 - Beginning of the Educational History in the United States38:58 Download
02 - (a) History of Educational Reform Prior to 18443:24 Download
02 - (b) The Place of the Bible in Education8:27 Download
02 - (c) Ancient and Modern Worldly Classics5:14 Download
02 - (d) Elective Courses of Study and Degrees14:41 Download
02 - (e) Emulation, Honors and Prizes4:20 Download
02 - (f) Reforms in Diet8:26 Download
02 - (g) The Proper Location for Schools and Country Life for Students7:56 Download
02 - (h) Simplicity in Buildings11:13 Download
02 - (i) Manual Training and the Practical in Education23:57 Download
02 - (j) Manual Labor Displaced by Athletics, Sports and Games3:41 Download
02 - (k) Student Self-Government and Christian Democracy17:27 Download
02 - (l) Training Missionaries to be Self-Supporting ? A Laymen?s Missionary Movement41:03 Download
02 - (m) Selecting and Training Teachers16:53 Download
03 - Some Educational Experiences of Seventh-day Adventists58:27 Download
04 - Educational Principles12:01 Download
05 - Practical Subjects for the Curriculum13:06 Download
06 - App. A1. The Madison School - Encourage the Workers3:47 Download
06 - App. A2. The Search for a Site4:30 Download
06 - App. A3. The Purchase of a Property5:08 Download
06 - App. A4. A Country Sanitarium11:00 Download
06 - App. A5. Laboring in Unity and in Faith8:15 Download
06 - App. A6. Letter to a Conference President2:51 Download
06 - App. A7. Letter to the Southern Union Conference Committee5:29 Download
06 - App. A8. A Missionary Education10:13 Download
07 - App. B. An Appeal for the Madison School8:18 Download
08 - App. C. The Work of the Madison School8:33 Download
09 - App. D1. Words of Encouragement to Self-supporting Workers26:18 Download
09 - App. D2. Recent Instruction Concerning Schools in the South7:41 Download
09 - App. D3. Concerning the Southern Work7:40 Download
09 - App. D4. Pointed Sentences From Older Testimonies3:56 Download
10 - App. E. Letter of A. W. Spalding33:04 Download


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