Audiobooks of the Adventist Pioneers


Footprints of Faith by David Paulson

All chapters

00 - Preface3:09 Download
01 - A Pony and a Dying Promise15:04 Download
02 - An Overruling Providence12:21 Download
03 - Turning Toward Chicago10:58 Download
04 - Results of Faith Applied to Hopeless Cases18:07 Download
05 - A Time of Testing and Other Experiences5:15 Download
06 - The Story of Hinsdale13:18 Download
07 - Keeping Time with God?s Clocks8:50 Download
08 - Founding a Home for the Fatherless6:49 Download
09 - Trusted a Bank That Never Fails5:45 Download
10 - Prosperity and Revivals10:57 Download
11 - The Anchor That Held Through Deep Trouble3:41 Download
12 - Sparks from a Live Wire5:23 Download


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