Audiobooks of the Adventist Pioneers

Tweet as well as the Adventist Pioneer Library is operated by volunteers, and by your donations of time and money. If you have been blessed by the audio of these books, if you are interested in supporting the project of recording the audio of these books, and of their translation into other languages, you can do the following:

  1. Pray for this project
  2. Let others know about this website and resources
  3. Consider making a donation
  4. Volunteer to narrate/translate (multiple languages are needed)

 These are the current needs of the project:

  1. Translate the books into other languages (need of translators)
  2. Record the books into audio for free download
    • Need of narrators
    • Need of digital recorders
    • Web development of the translation page (programmers)

 Email us if you have more detailed questions:

 May God bless you for your support.